With our unrivaled expertise, we equip companies with the knowledge, insights, and practical tools they need to navigate this crucial stage with confidence.

World Menopause Day 2023

October 18 is World Menopause Day, and while it may seem like a long way off, it will be here before we know it!

Whilst we’d love to work with everyone, we have limited spaces and are always incredibly busy. 

So, if you know you want to partner with us, even if you’re not sure what that looks like just yet, do not leave it too late!

Join our waitlist today and relax knowing you’ve taken the first step in securing See Her Thrive for World Menopause Day

Partner with us and make a positive change in your workplace

Imagine a workplace where every employee feels supported, understood, and valued during the transformative journey of menopause. With our unrivaled expertise, we equip companies with the knowledge, insights, and practical tools they need to navigate this crucial stage with confidence. Gone are the days of overlooking the unique challenges faced by women – let us guide you towards a brighter future!

Training & workshops

We offer live and interactive online webinars or on-site training for all employees to give your staff the tools and confidence to make a difference in your workplace right away. We can also offer training specifically-tailored for managers & HR.

And our training isn’t just for women! One common challenge organisations face is how to encourage men and allies to actively engage in conversations surrounding menopause. Our signature MANopause webinar is a safe space for men and allies to learn about menopause and discover practical ways they can assist their colleagues and loved ones during this phase of life.


Our amazing speakers are experts in menopause at work and can engage your team in thought-provoking and interactive talks that will leave everyone feeling empowered and inspired.


This is your chance to pick our brains! We’ll help you identify any gaps in your current policies and provide recommendations for improvements to help improve staff retention and stay ahead of your competitors.

You'll love working with us

A long standing client of ours, we delivered menopause awareness training for the team which explored why menopause is a workplace issue and how we can have sensitive conversations in the workplace.

“Clare is absolutely incredible. She is so supportive and knowledgeable and really does encourage us to share and be open with each other.”
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We were absolutely thrilled to speak at Mintel's Women’s Employee Resource Group, where we talked about why menstrual health and menopause is important at work.
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Registers of Scotland
We delivered MANopause, our signature menopause webinar for men and allies, to a keen and curious team at Registers of Scotland! The session was well attended by men from various levels of the organisation, including senior leaders and managers, demonstrating a strong commitment to understanding and supporting menopause in the workplace.

“Thanks again for delivering these sessions. The one I attended was very interesting.” - Carol Duffin, Colleague Experience Manager
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Spotlight on The Financial Times

The Financial Times is committed to becoming a gender equitable workplace and has been working on implementing various initiatives to become a more inclusive employer.

To support the organisation on its journey, See Her Thrive delivered a menopause workshop to the team in October 2022 which coincided with Menopause Awareness Month.

All staff were invited to attend the workshop, not just managers and the Financial Times also encouraged males colleagues to attend too. It is so important that everybody feels confident and able to support colleagues who may be struggling with symptoms at work.

The workshop covered:

  • What menopause is
  • How it can affect individuals at work
  • Common misconceptions
  • Best practices to show support and allyship to colleagues 


The workshop was live so attendees could share their experiences and get answers to their questions.

The feedback was really positive – but don’t just take our word for it! Watch the video to hear what Kirsty Devine had to say!


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