Introducing the Menstrual Friendly Employers Membership:

Unlocking Empowerment and Inclusivity!

Are you ready to take your organisation to new heights and become a trailblazer in menstrual health and gender equity? See Her Thrive proudly presents our groundbreaking Menstrual Friendly Employers Membership – a game-changer for forward-thinking employers like you!

We are committed to being authentic, acting with integrity, and being trailblazers.

The Power of Education, Resources and Support

With our exclusive membership, you’ll gain access to a wealth of knowledge, tools, and resources to foster empowerment within your workforce. Provide your people with comprehensive education on menstrual health, menopause, fertility and more, and equip them with the tools they need to thrive!


Harness the power of an exclusive educational webinar programme that keeps you at the forefront of the latest insights and best practices. Access our resources library, packed with practical solutions tailored to your needs. Plus, with our premium membership you can experience transformative consultancy and training that will drive your organisation’s inclusivity to new heights!

Wear the 'Menstrual Friendly Employer' Badge with Pride

As a member, you’ll proudly display the prestigious ‘Menstrual Friendly Employer’ badge on your website, showcasing your commitment to menstrual health and gender equity. Let the world know that your organisation is leading the change toward a more inclusive and supportive workplace.

Why Choose our Menstrual Friendly Employers Membership?

Elevate employee wellbeing

Empower your team with the knowledge and resources they need to lead healthier and happier lives. 

Empower allies

Get access to webinars, tools, and resources that promote understanding, advocacy, and allyship so that everyone in your organisation plays a vital role in the journey towards menstrual health and gender equity.

Foster inclusivity

Demonstrate your dedication to gender equity and create a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported.

Stay ahead of the curve

Our exclusive webinars and resources keep you at the cutting edge of menstrual health and inclusivity trends.

Drive organisational impact

Transform your workplace culture and unleash the full potential of your diverse workforce.

Save time and money

No need to juggle multiple resources or services! Our all-in-one annual membership wraps up everything you need for success in one convenient package.

Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of menstrual health empowerment and inclusivity!

Sign up for the Menstrual Friendly Employers Membership and be the change-maker your organisation needs.

Join us now and let’s thrive together!

What's included?

Standard Annual Membership

£2,375 + VAT

1-500 employees

£4,250 + VAT

501+ employees


Wear the 'Menstrual Friendly Employer' badge with pride! Display our logo on your website, showcasing your unwavering commitment to gender equity. Showcased on our website and social media to celebrate your outstanding contributions to women's health and gender equity!


50+ hours of learning per year, for you and your team, via our webinar programme, with full access to all recordings to watch on-demand. Perfect for remote teams and different time-zones.


Empower your team with our extensive and ever-expanding resource library, including case studies and best practice examples.

Elevate your annual campaigns and events with our powerful communication assets! From International Women’s Day to World Menopause Day, we’ve got you covered!


Stay ahead with our weekly members' newsletter! Discover cutting-edge thought leadership, women's health news, and unmissable events!


Grab an exclusive 25% off on in-house talks and training for your team!


Connect and build meaningful relationships with fellow members in our private forum! Network, ask questions, and learn from best practices for unstoppable progress.


Unleash the power of expert advice on demand! Your dedicated account manager will be by your side, supporting you every step of the way.

Premium Annual Membership

£7,375 + VAT

1-500 employees

£9,250 + VAT

501+ employees

All of the benefits of standard membership, plus…

Expert Consultancy

Unleash the power of your Premium Membership! Get a full day of transformative consultancy for your organisation to drive impactful change! From understanding employee needs to crafting an effective women’s health strategy, and policy review and writing – we've got you covered!

Team Webinar

Inspire your team with a dynamic one-hour Women's Health webinar tailored to your needs, kick-starting your membership in style and sparking vital conversations!

Manager Training

Empower up to 20 Senior Leaders, HR, and Line Managers with Women's Health Manager Training! Secure top-level buy-in and unwavering support for your initiatives. Choose between virtual or in-person delivery (travel costs not included) to suit your convenience.

Women’s Network

Provide your team with exclusive monthly access to our empowering Women's Circle, expertly facilitated by See Her Thrive! Connect, share, and receive unparalleled support, available only to our premium members.

Priority Access

Secure priority access to all our events! Be the first to book for International Women's Day, World Menopause Day, and more with exclusive premium perks!

Partner Discounts

Enjoy exclusive savings and special offers from our trusted network of partners, providing you with even more value for your membership.

Join us now and let's thrive together!

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Global Leaders in Menstrual Health, Inclusivity and Allyship

At See Her Thrive, we proudly stand as the leading experts in the field of menstrual health and gender equity. With a wealth of knowledge, experience, and a deep commitment to empowering individuals and organisations, we have forged a path of excellence in this transformative space.

Our team of passionate professionals is at the forefront of research, trends, and best practices, ensuring that our members receive unparalleled support and guidance. We have honed our expertise to create a powerful membership platform that equips employers with the tools they need to drive impactful change and foster a more inclusive workplace.

From pioneering educational resources to cutting-edge webinars and transformative consultancy, our dedication to advancing menstrual health and gender equity is unwavering. When you join See Her Thrive, you benefit from the wealth of experience and insights that only true leaders in the field can offer.

Our engaging speakers are experts in women's health and will inspire your team.

Don't miss this opportunity to be at the forefront of menstrual health empowerment and inclusivity!

Sign up for the Menstrual Friendly Employers Membership and be the change-maker your organisation needs.

Join us now and let’s thrive together!