International Women's Day,
8th March 2024

Join us to inspire inclusion this International Women's Day!

We are proud to say that we have been supporting organisations to inspire inclusion since 2019, and we aren’t slowing down! International Women’s Day is the perfect time to highlight your commitment to women’s health in the workplace – something which we hope is on your agenda all year through.

Why should you mark IWD?

Marking International Women’s Day can promote inclusivity, diversity, and gender equity in the workplace. Women still face additional barriers, from the gender pay gap to microaggressions (and beyond!) If you are committed to making real and lasting change then marking IWD can be an important piece of that puzzle.


When paired with meaningful action and policies that support women all year through, marking International Women’s Day is an opportunity to:


Inspire Change: When you actively participate in International Women’s Day, you can inspire positive action and change. Remind people of networks they can join or encourage them to create an ERG championing change. 


Raise Awareness: IWD is celebrated across the world; it can serve as a global platform to raise awareness about gender inequality and the challenges women still face in the workplace. You can inspire inclusion by raising awareness of common menstrual health conditions, shouting about policies and procedures you’ve implemented, and so much more!


Celebrate Achievements: It is the perfect opportunity to celebrate the women in your business! It signals to your employees that you can and will celebrate and empower them. 


Attract and Retain Talent: Time and time again we see that workplaces that demonstrate a commitment to diversity and equality are more attractive to a diverse pool of talent! Data shows that two-thirds (67%) of women would be more inclined to apply and accept a job if the company had a menstrual policy in place (Intima, 2021).

Keen to mark IWD but aren’t sure where to start? Let us help you!

Useful Resources

How not to alienate your employees this International Women’s Day! 

Check out our Employer Guides for common menstrual health conditions in the workplace.

Learn more about why we need to focus on gender equity, rather than gender equality, in the workplace.

What people say about working with us

Auto Trader: Menstrual Health Webinar
"See Her Thrive understood exactly what we wanted from the session and delivered a really insightful and interesting webinar full of useful knowledge and advice. It was also very engaging, and everyone felt comfortable contributing and sharing their own experiences. We are looking forward to working with them further as their expertise will really help us to create an even better culture for our colleagues. "
Northumberland National Park Authority: Women's Health Programme
"See Her Thrive have created a bespoke training package for staff, which has made a massive difference for us. The results have been greater engagement, compassionate conversations, increased insight and a desire for change. From the beginning, working with Clare and the team has been very professional, very easy and they have really listened to exactly what we wanted. They are experts in their field and are able to create just the right atmosphere of professional learning but with a safe space for people to share their experiences and to get advice"
The Dudley Group NHS Foundation Trust: Menstrual Health Webinar
"Everything about my experience of See her Thrive’s session was excellent. From our initial call to discuss what could be offered, they listened to our needs and tailored the session to suit our organisation and followed up to make sure everything was in place to ensure smooth running of the session. The session itself was thoughtful, informative, and interactive with several conditions covered; it was pitched at an appropriate level and the staff members on the call were engaged and interested in the subject without being overwhelmed. It was really powerful to be able to share some lived experiences of menstrual conditions and their effect on people’s working life and the barriers they had faced, but also encouraging that there is support and help out there to improve things – and things we can do as a workplace to support our staff. "
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Partner with us to make positive change

Imagine a workplace where every employee feels supported, understood, and valued. With our unrivaled expertise, we equip companies with the knowledge, insights, and practical tools they need to navigate women’s health and wellbeing in the workplace. Gone are the days of overlooking the unique challenges faced by women!

Webinars & Training

Our engaging and interactive webinars and training offer the perfect environment for your employees to learn and grow. They’ll give people the tools and confidence to make a difference in your workplace right away. We can also offer training specifically-tailored for managers & HR.


Whether you want to discuss championing women in the workplace or the impact of hormones and mental health in at work, our experts are here to help!