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Spektrix, a company that places a high value on creating an open dialogue around mental health, chronic illness, and disability, recognised that women’s health was missing from the conversation. Specifically, they were aware of a couple of team members struggling with menstrual health conditions and suspected that many more female team members might be living with similar conditions that could impact their work. To address this, they decided to start the conversation around women’s health and empower team members with the information they needed to reach out for support when needed.

They enlisted us to deliver two informative sessions for the team. The first was a 1-hour ‘Introduction to Women’s Health’ webinar, which aimed to engage team members and managers across the business and start the conversation. The second was a 2-hour ‘Women’s Health Training for People Managers’ workshop for 10 senior leaders and managers. This workshop covered practical aspects such as how to talk about women’s health, employment law, how to provide effective support and workplace adjustments.

To ensure the attendees felt comfortable and able to engage with the content, the sessions were led in a relaxed manner despite the sensitive topic. Clare, who led the sessions, used her expertise on women’s health to share key facts and insights and encouraged openness, understanding, and empathy by sharing her own experiences.




Overall, the sessions created a safe space where team members could talk about a topic that is often considered taboo. By providing this opportunity to educate and inform their team, Spektrix has taken a positive step towards promoting inclusivity and supporting the well-being of their female employees.

The feedback has been positive from all team members who attended, and many requested additional training on this topic. As a result, Spektrix is committed to continuing the conversation, and is working to build this training into the onboarding of new managers!




“It is important that team members who experience the menstrual cycle, reproductive issues or the menopause feel heard and supported to remain in the workplace. It has made team members more aware, and is the beginning of normalising team members getting the support they need to be successful at work. Communication and scheduling with Clare was easy, she was very quick to reply and accommodated all our requests. Clare is brilliant at what she does!”

Emily Mangnall – People & Talent Manager, Spektrix

Spektrix is a market leader in ticketing and CRM technology for the arts and entertainment industry.

See Her Thrive Provided:

  1. A 1-hour ‘Introduction to Women’s Health’ webinar to break the silence, raise awareness and engage team members across the business.
  2. A 2 hour ‘Women’s Health Training for People Managers’ workshop for senior leaders and managers in the organisation to provide them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to support female specific health conditions in the workplace.

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