Spektrix: Enhancing workplace support for Women’s Health


Spektrix is a technology company that provides an innovative, cloud-based ticketing, marketing, and fundraising software solution designed for arts organisations and event venues. They recognised a gap in their internal dialogue regarding women’s health, particularly around menstrual conditions and fertility/infertility. Despite having open conversations about mental health, chronic illness, and disability, these specific topics had not been approached. Enhancing workplace support for Women’s Health was a top priority!


To address this, Spektrix partnered with See Her Thrive to deliver an ‘Introduction to Women’s Health’ webinar for the entire team. The goal was to start a meaningful conversation, provide essential information, and empower those affected to seek support. Additionally, a dedicated training workshop was organised for managers, focusing on empathetic communication and practical guidance for handling sensitive health topics.


The webinar and training had a profoundly positive effect. Feedback from team members was overwhelmingly encouraging, with many expressing interest in further training. The managers’ workshop was particularly impactful, equipping leaders with the confidence to handle these discussions sensitively. This initiative has set the stage for incorporating such training into the onboarding process for new managers and continuing the conversation about women’s health at Spektrix.

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"Communication and scheduling with See Her Thrive is easy, they are very quick to reply and accommodate all our requests. The sessions are led in a relaxed way, to put people at ease and feel comfortable to engage with and sometimes share and contribute to the session despite the nature of the topic, which can be taboo to some people. Clare used her knowledge of women’s health to share key facts while pairing this with her own experience to aid understanding and create empathy. It has made team members more aware, and is the beginning of normalising team members getting the support they need to be successful at work. Clare is brilliant at what she does." - Emily Magnall, People and Talent Manager

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