What We Did

We were absolutely thrilled when Mintel approached us to speak at an event for their Women’s Employee Resource Group, MintELLE. The purpose of the event was to educate network members and allies on the impact and importance of menstruation and menopause in the workplace. Music to our ears!

In the presentation, we covered:

  • Why Menstrual health & Menopause is important at work
  • An overview of specific conditions
  • How to help yourself
  • How to speak to your manager
  • How to support colleagues


We loved that a member of the People Team was available to answer questions and signpost people to relevant internal support. Colleagues from Mintel also shared their personal experiences in a panel discussion afterwards, which was so inspiring and further encouraged others to speak-up.



We were delighted to hear that people feel more able to talk about women’s health at work! Some people (who had previously struggled to manage a menstrual health condition at work) have been able to find the appropriate path to support – seeing individuals feel empowered to speak up and get the support they deserve means everything to us.

Mintel is the world’s leading market intelligence consulting agency.

See Her Thrive Provided:

  1. A presentation to MintELLE ERG members and allies on the impact and importance of menstrual health and menopause.

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