Birmingham & Solihull Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust: Women’s Health Manager Training


The Trust recognised the need to deliver women’s health manager training. The aim was to enhance awareness and understanding of women’s health issues among its management team, fostering a more open, supportive and inclusive workplace.


Responding to this need, we delivered our women’s health training to managers, via Teams. The workshop focused on educating the team about various women’s health issues and providing them with the knowledge and tools to offer effective and appropriate support. The training was tailored to equip managers with the skills to understand, empathise, and respond to these challenges, thereby fostering a healthier, more inclusive workplace.


The women’s health manager training received exceptional feedback for its informative and engaging approach. Managers expressed a newfound appreciation and understanding of women’s health, leading to subsequent discussions and initiatives within the Trust.


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"The session was awesome, we all got so much from it and were talking about it when we all met up later that week. The only downside was that it was over too soon as it was that good, we wished we’d had longer which makes a refreshing change! Once again thank you, I think this type of training awareness should be part of every organisation and through all your hard work women’s health is starting to be talked about and recognised as opposed to ignored or belittled." - Maria Kane, Head of Records and Clinical Coding

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